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Just as we rely on age-old wisdom to make our products, we also depend on new technologies. At Mas Blanc, we work like we always have, but we have integrated the most advanced control and analysis systems. The end result is wines of unbeatable quality.

Manual labor

Transportation and harvesting systems tailored so we can oversee the harvest directly and manually.


Pneumatic, variable pressure and high-precision presses which allow us to remove the purest, freshest must, without squeezing the skin and seeds too much.


We process each grape variety separately, making sure that it ferments properly at the right temperature.

Quality control

Our analysis and control department ensures that our wines are of the highest quality.


We refine our varieties in an aging cellar integrated into the land itself.


Together with Verdtech, we are working to control water stress in the vine. A meteorological station sends us live data on the weather in our fields.