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Biodynamic and organic agriculture

Our work methods go beyond organic farming. We do not use any chemicals in our fields, and we also adhere to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. We pay attention to the smallest change in our fields and we take advantage of the natural cycles of abundance and scarcity.
From the beginning, one of Pinord’s goals was to leave the land better than we got it, which is why we pioneered this type of agriculture. As a result, we were the first winery in Spain to be biodynamic certified by Demeter.

Ancestral land

Biodynamic agriculture is ancestral knowledge that takes into consideration the connections between all the elements in the land to take advantage of natural cycles when working the field.

Natural cycles

Animals, plants, stones and lunar cycles follow the natural dynamics that drive them, sometimes toward abundance, sometimes toward scarcity. And our crops are part of this chain.

Protection and preservation of bats: Pinord and the World Nature Foundation are helping to protect and preserve bats. These magnificent insectivorous mammals, great allies in controlling pests naturally, help our organic and biodynamic vineyards.


The result of following this natural cycle is wines with all the personality and authentic expression of the terroir that bore their fruit, in harmony with the environment.


Demeter Certificate

In 2007, we were the first winery in Spain to receive the Demeter Certificate for Biodynamic Agriculture.